Be  Fabulous

  Get  Clients! 

Mastery Online Program

A step by step course to reach more people, increase your impact, and make more money!

You’re frustrated because you are not getting enough clients and even thought you are incredible at what you do you sometimes find yourself negotiating your rates rather than getting paid what you are worth.

You had a vision that being your own boss with be amazing and that you would make lots of money, but it is just not happening the way you thought it would.

Or you are afraid of putting yourself out there because you are lacking in confidence and are afraid of making mistakes!

But the truth is with a repeatable system and mentors helping you reach your highest potential, you can make those dreams you have for your business a reality. 

We are Caleb and Matthew and we are kickass coaches for queer solo practitioners and service providers like you, who want to reach more people, be their fabulous selves, and make amazing money at the same time.

Having quit our full time jobs to follow our passion, and having learned what it takes to get paid for sharing our gifts, we know:


  • You spent time revising your website than actually talking to potential clients

  • Every time you get a new certification you think this one will make you feel "ready"

  • You have tried all the free webinars, podcasts, and read books but they haven't resulted in a hands on system that works

  • You watch others succeed and wonder what it is that they are doing differently than you

This is why we created Be Fabulous, Get Clients Online Mastery a six week course that will transform your business and fill your schedule with ideal clients who are paying you what you are worth.

What's Included


6 Live Bonus Video Calls

(Recordings provided) 

(For 3 months you will get 1 strategy call and 1 Q & A coaching call per month)

($600 Value)

3 Months in our private Facebook group 

Includes weekly coaching thread (no question goes unanswered)

($147 Value)



FULL Price


2 x $549

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long do I have access to the course materials and WERQ-book?

- You will get access to the course recordings and guides for one year. 


What if I change my mind after I sign up?

- We have a three day no questions asked money back refund policy.

What if I am not yet sure what my business is going to be?

- Perfect! Whether you are already reaching your people or just getting started this course will take you to the next level of success. 


I have a question you didn't answer!!! Where do I send it?

- You can email us at or call or text us at 432-2LGBTQQ


Learn more about

Matthew VanHorn and Caleb Arring


Matthew started his first coaching business 7 years ago.  He began by helping gay/bi/queer men gain more confidence and self love so that they could improve their intimate lives.  He then realized that many of his clients were also seeing financial improvements as well.  


He considers himself so lucky to have Caleb as both a life partner and a business partner, and gets so much joy out of helping others in the LGBTQ community to gain the confidence, clarity, and courage it takes to make a big difference with the work they do.

Caleb is a queer identified transgender man. He transitioned in the early 2000's and has managed to find his place in the world of business and entrepreneurship.  


Caleb has a Masters in Business Administration, and worked a variety of management positions before becoming trained as an attorney and ultimately opening his own immigration law firm. Caleb is taking his formal education combined with his real world experience to help other LGBTQ Entrepreneurs to grow and expand their businesses.


You will get:​​​

  • 6 Videos that cover our three step system which will teach you how to easily attract high quality clients. 

  • 3 - One hour long private coaching sessions so that you will have a personalized plan to address specific challenges that you are facing.

  • The missing element that can help you have your first (of many) $10,000 months in your business.

  • A powerful way to talk about what you do that will result in lots of high quality clients.

  • Amazing WERQ-sheets and guides that will easily show you how to implement what we teach so that you can start seeing an increase in your business right away.