Reach More People, Be Your Fabulous Self, and Make Amazing Money

 Be  Fabulous

  Get  Clients! 

February 3, 2019 - 9am to 6pm
Kensington Park Hotel, San Francisco, California

Presented by

Matthew VanHorn and Caleb Arring


Matthew started his first coaching business 7 years ago.  He began by helping gay/bi/queer men gain more confidence and self love so that they could improve their intimate lives.  He then realized that many of his clients were also seeing financial improvements as well.  


He considers himself so lucky to have Caleb as both a life partner and a business partner, and gets so much joy out of helping others in the LGBTQ community to gain the confidence, clarity, and courage it takes to make a big difference with the work they do.

Caleb is a queer identified transgender man. He transitioned in the early 2000's and has managed to find his place in the world of business and entrepreneurship.  


Caleb has a Masters in Business Administration, and worked a variety of management positions before becoming trained as an attorney and ultimately opening his own immigration law firm. Caleb is taking his formal education combined with his real world experience to help other LGBTQ Entrepreneurs to grow and expand their businesses.


You’re frustrated because you know you are meant for big things, but struggle to get others to see your value, and to pay you what you are worth.

When you started out you had a vision of  being your own boss, while helping people and living your vision, but it is just not happening the way you thought it would.

Or you haven't even started yet because you don't know where to begin and are afraid of making mistakes!

Having quit our full time jobs to follow our passion, and having learned what it takes to get paid for sharing our gifts, we know:


  • You spent time and money honing your gift but still feel like you aren’t quite ready to share about it as more than just a hobby

  • You know how important what you have to offer is but find it difficult to charge money for it

  • You watch others succeed and wonder what it is that they are doing differently than you

  • You spend more time spinning your wheels trying to figure out what to do next than actually working with clients 

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.


In fact this is the before story of pretty much everyone who dreams of getting paid for their services.


We’ve been there so we totally get it, we really do!


Are you on the motivation rollercoaster? One

day ready to take on the world and the next day binge

watching Netflix and pretending your business doesn't exist?

The truth is that if you stay on that rollercoaster it will not take you where you want to be.  It will just have you going in a circle.


We are Caleb and Matthew and we are kickass coaches for queer solo practitioners and service providers like you, who want to reach more people, be their fabulous selves, and make amazing money at the same time.

Let’s not kid ourselves here, you and I both know that sitting at home thinking of ways to get clients isn't actually getting you anywhere.


You’ve probably already hit one, if not many, turning points and might have even said to yourself  “this time is different”.


However despite your best intentions you’ve found yourself unable to figure out what works and make shit happen.

You know what’s missing? A step by step repeatable system.

When you have a step by step repeatable system that works, you can relax into your business knowing that you can replicate the same results every time you want more clients.


Just imagine...


  • Having a powerful plan of action to back up your powerful vision.

  • Being able to sell your services without feeling sleazy or slimy.

  • Feeling more confident when you share about your passion.

  • Getting used to hearing the word YES when inviting people to work with you.

  • Reaching more people with ease and seeing your work making a big impact on your clients.

But you only get these results when you take the time to learning a repeatable system to reach more people.


That is why we created The Be Fabulous, Get Clients Summit: An epic live 1 day transformational event for queer solo practitioners and service providers who are ready have bigger impact and make more money in the process.

During this day long live event, taking place in the San Francisco, Bay Area we will teach you our system for getting clarity, building connections, and getting clients.


We will help you create an action plan so that when you leave the weekend you can hit the ground running.


And we will lead you in powerful interactive exercises to build your confidence, leaving you feeling unstoppable and ready for anything.

Here is what is included in this no bullshit day long experience of epicness:

  • A 3 step system that will help you find and connect with your potential clients in a way that has them eager to work with you

  • Extraordinary content to teach you how to hold epic live events so that you can get your message to more people

  • Breakthrough coaching opportunities to help you remove blocks in the way of your success

  • Leverage strategies that help you stop trading time for dollars

  • Connection with other queer solo practitioners and service providers so that you can build a community with fellow unicorns of awesomeness

  • And More

Be Fabulous, Get Clients will teach you how to:

  • Avoid the most common mistakes that are made when talking to potential clients

  • Take the mess out of your message so that people understand what you do in a way that is clear and concise

  • Get paid what you are worth and stand firmly in your value 

  • Use The Magic Questions that will tell you what your potential clients are looking for

  • Stop trading time for dollars and start holding epic events and implementing leverage strategies, so that you’ll have more free time, more money, and reach more people all at once

It’s not skill that you are lacking, it’s just the ability to find and connect with the people who need what you have the most!


We’re Caleb, a queer transgender man, and Matthew, a queer sparkle covered unicorn, the founders of the Be Fabulous, Get Clients Summit.


We created the Be Fabulous, Get Clients Summit for queer solo practitioners and service provider like you, who know that they have a lot to share and are looking for guidance to increase their reach and impact.


As members of the LGBTQ community who have always been motivated by social change, we recognized the importance of learning the tools required to make a bigger impact.


We realized we needed to invest our time, energy, and money into learning from those who had already achieved the success we wanted, so that we could become the leaders we knew we were meant to be.


At the core of the Be Fabulous, Get Clients Summit is our desire to see queer people step into their rightful roles as leaders and find financial freedom so that they can live their purpose and to thrive while doing so.

We know that you probably feel like the uphill climb is not worth the effort you are putting in, you might have even considered ignoring the fact that you were put here to do amazing things.

But here is the thing:


You are probably spending more time dreaming of what could be possible than actually making it happen, and desperately searching for ways to find the motivation to start taking action.

As such, the simplest way to get momentum behind your business or project is to make sure that you have all the tools you need, the level of support you desire, and that you are surrounding yourself with people on a similar path who want to see you succeed.

Unlike most business building events led by cis straight people with little to no understanding of the queer community, we understand the struggle of going after your dreams when the world has already judged you so harshly. We know what it is like to be told to dim your light and how tempting it can be to do so.

At the Be Fabulous, Get Clients Summit we will encourage you to sparkle and shine (like glitter) and celebrate your uniqueness.  

While some day long workshops are full of sitting (and maybe napping) for 8 hours straight, this isn’t one of those events. This is full of fun interactive content that is focused on giving you as much value as we can pack in.


By the end of the day you will be on your way to coming out of the closet (this time as an unstoppable force) and being a beacon so that your people can find you.


We have intentionally designed this experience as a live in person 1 day event for several reasons. It can be easy to get lost and in over your head when it comes to navigating all the information on client attraction that is out there. It is also quite common to get distracted and overwhelmed when you sit down and try to create an action plan by yourself.

Not only are the distractions removed when you’re at a live event, but you also have the chance to ask questions and get feedback.  


You are also surrounded by a community of other queer solo practitioners and service providers who can support you and are on a similar journey.

The investment to attend The Be Fabulous, Get Clients Summit’s is $97, however right now you can attend for only $25!

To ensure that everyone gets the best experience and an opportunity to receive one on one coaching, we limited attendance at this event.  


Do not pass up the opportunity to attend this event for only $197 or on full scholarship!