Be Your Fabulous Self, Reach More People, and Make Amazing Money!

You are ready to share your gifts with more people, get paid well, and start enjoying the freedom of being your own boss.


You want to effortlessly connect with more potential clients, easily attract them to the gifts you have to offer, and do it all with integrity.


But right now, that feels harder than finding a glitter-covered unicorn.

Instead, you feel like you’re working your ass off, never making progress, and are constantly desperate for clients.


Right now you're holding back, unsure whether you'll ever be able to work only for yourself, and you might even be considering giving up on your dream.

​We’re Caleb and Matthew and we are coaches for queer solo-practitioners and service providers who want to be their fabulous self, reach more people, and make amazing money!

As queer coaches and visionaries who’ve gone from almost no income to over $10,000 per month each sharing our gifts, we help other fabulous solo-practitioners and service providers like you to:

  • Increase the impact your work is having, while staying in integrity with yourself, and living the life of your dreams;

  • Quit dicking around and start making lots of fucking money so that you can support yourself, and the causes you believe in;

  • Step into your full potential, live a life worth living and be an inspiration to the people around you;

  • Stop worrying about how your sexual orientation or gender identity will affect your business and start using your uniqueness to help you share your gifts.

We believe the world would be a better place if more queer solo practitioners and service providers were operating at their full potential, the real challenge is that so many struggle unnecessarily to find their ideal clients.

But when you have the right tools and support you’ll naturally and easily attract more clients, impact more lives, and make more money.


When you work with us you will have access to not just 1, but 2 fabulous coaches, epic live events packed with amazing content and tools, and you’ll learn systems that will get you clients.

As we work together we’ll encourage you to step of your comfort zone, discover what is truly possible, and step into your greatness.


By the time our work together is done you’ll be able to attract new clients anytime anywhere with ease, be able to take the mess out of your message so that people are eager to learn more about what you do, and have a rainbow toolkit that will help you build stronger connections with potential clients through being your awesome yourself.


If you want to start reaching your people with ease, anytime and anywhere, book your free 30 minute Step Up and Stand Out Strategy Session now.

©2018 by Caleb Arring & Matthew VanHorn