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Wil Fisher,

Career Coach

"Being a part of this community means you are in it to win it; it means that you are connected to a network of powerful LGBTQ people; it means that you are part of a fierce team with kick ass leadership (Matthew and Caleb)"

Molly Mandelburg,


“This is a hugely valuable event serving a community of Fabulous people, creating a supportive space from which to change the world”


“Be Fabulous, Get clients has healed, reframed, and transformed how I approach my business. I now see my true value as the heart of my business, exactly & unapologetically as who I am, and I am excited to bring a new level of love and realness to my clients and community.”

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We Believe

that queer people are here to change the world with their gifts!

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Alone we can do so little,

Together we can do so much!

~Helen Keller

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